Thought I’d put these all up in one spot, all of these are available as posters, they measure at around 18”x 24” in size with slight variations, and can now be bought for $25.  If you’re interested, you can go ahead and message me which one, or however many, you’d like, give me an address to send it to, and then put the payment in my PayPal (the email is  If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask, I’m happy to help.  Thanks for the love on these!

Old familiar scent of Iselia
Ichiko Furukawa, Makoto Tonosu


Tales of Symphonia | Old familiar scent of Iselia

Original Sin
Nobuo Uematsu


This is what Decisive Battle (the music that plays when you fight Yu Yevon) was originally gonna sound like as arranged by Nobuo Uematsu. The version that appears in game was arranged by Masashi Hamauzu, it’s a shame because this sounds way more awesome.